Retail Blockchain

Retail Blockchain – Building trust from source to consumer

Retail Blockchain is removing obstacles and increasing visibility in consumer products and retail business transactions. Greater transparency through a shared, immutable ledger enables businesses to establish a climate of trust across areas like invoicing and payments, the consumer supply chain and global shipping.With its distributed and trusted database, a blockchain solution reduces barriers that impede business like siloed management and regulatory systems, time-consuming settlement processes and uncertainty between entities conducting transactions. Blockchain speeds transactions, builds trust between participating members and opens the door to cross-industry and global business opportunities.

  • Shopper confidence grows in aisles and online as blockchain verifies the authenticity and safety of goods.
  • Retail supply chain participants can better ensure they’re trading in ethically-sourced goods to meet emerging consumer demands.
  • From big names to small town businesses, retailers can promote products, earn loyalty and gain insights into consumer preferences in entirely new ways.

Retail Blockchain to reduce the complexity and ambiguity they encountered in invoice processing. The solution cut processing times from 5 days to one and processing costs by fifty percent. The company can plans to expand its new model to numerous other supplier relationships.

Collaborative solution uniting growers, distributors, processors, retailers and other food industry stakeholders to efficiently and securely trace food through every step of the supply chain. The blockchain solution helps ensure food safety from farm to store through fast end-to-end traceability data and access to compliance certification. Blockchain food safety solution to run production data for products across the food system allowing early adopters to confidently and securely share data with their food supply chain partners. The proposed venture will address needs for transparency, simplicity and open standards as goods move across borders and trading zones.

Blockchain solutions digitize transactions and provide visibility between businesses across industries and around the globe, delivering transparency, trust and opportunities for new and lucrative business models.